It’s Chinese New Year!

It’s Lunar New Year and traditional Chinese outfits for the little ones are a must because they just look so adorable! Unfortunately, the one for L2 the hubby brought back from his business trip to Taiwan was too big! So I had to get my acts together and hack it.


It’s more like a baby doll dress with Chinese influence. Even though the workmanship can be improved some, I am proud of myself haha!

Here she is wearing it. It fits! Yay me! I love seeing her wear something I made!



Here they are, both in their Chinese New Year outfits. Being silly as usual.



新年快樂! 恭喜發財!(Happy new year! May it be prosperous!)


Hair clip Organizer

If you have a little girl or little girls, you will have clips, lots of cute little clips. Can I just say, OMG, clips everywhere?!! And I keep losing them because we don’t have a way to organize it. I put my thinking hat on, ok I admit, I turned to Pinterest and I saw some neat ideas. This here, is my solution!


Here is what it looks like on the back.

This is very easy, took me about 10 mins. All you need is a picture frame, a piece of felt and ribbons. No sewing needed! I even have a flower clip lying around waiting to be used. Cost me $5, which was the cost of the frame.

Something for myself!


My husband got me an iPhone 6 and made me keep the plastic on while the new case gets shipped. Scratches are a no no because it reduces the resale value when I sell it my husband said. So while waiting for my case to arrive, I thought, hey I can make something temporary. I got lots of felts and fabric scraps. It’s much better than bringing the phone around in its plastic protector. Plus, when was the last time I made something for myself? I put my Pinterest hat on and ta-da! Quick & easy too.

Cake Smash (Cake Touch)!


Here’s my baby, already 1!  Growing way too fast!

I didn’t know what a cake smash was when my son turned 1 but I do now.  It’s my last baby and I wanted to do a cake smash!  CAKE SMASH! CAKE SMASH!  I was quite determined.  (Good thing I am a somewhat enthusiast or perhaps a semi-pro photographer and have all the camera equipment for this, otherwise I would have hire a photographer, which would drive up the cost and the hubby would put a stop to this madness.)  Anyways, I  started pinning for ideas and tips on how to do a cake smash a couple weeks before she turned 1.  On my check lists were:  Tutorial on baking the cake, buying the ingredients, getting the happy birthday banner, etc. etc.  Then 3 days before the shoot, I suddenly realized that I had not planned for her outfit!  What was thinking?!  What was wrong with me?! Was she gonna be naked with just her cloth diaper on?  I needed a tutu and a birthday hat!!!  Too late to order anything from Esty!  I was mad, like angry mad!  Lucky for me, I was able to find a mom to sell me her daughter’s tutu and good thing I am somewhat crafty, found a tutorial on Pinterest and spent Sunday night working on her birthday crown.

So here it is, little Miss Leah’s cake smash session!  I had it in my head how it was going to go down, how she would go to town with it, plunging face first into the cake.  After all, she loves to eat.  But nope, she wouldn’t have it.  She touched it with 1 finger and wanted nothing to do it.  She was more interested in walking!  She had to discover, just right before the cake smash session, that she could take 2 to 3 steps on her own.


The cake was mostly untouched…this is what the cake looked like after the cake smash session.  GRRRRR! YOUUUUU LITTLEE!!


Big brother in the mean time was salivating.  Poor kid.  But He had fun too.

1U2A9756 1U2A9147

Of course he got a crown too.

Till Next Year Halloween!


This is the 2nd year that I made a Halloween costume for my son instead of buying it.  Plus it was hard to find a fire truck costume.  Although toward the last weekend before Halloween, I started to doubt if i could finish and was looking for a back up costume.  Thank goodness the hubby was on board about it and agreed to watch the kids so I could work on it.  OK to be fair, he did contribute, he painted the tires black and tied the front of the truck to the back of the truck.  This was totally stressful but I also felt a ton of satisfaction when I saw my boy wearing it to trick to treat.


After building the prototype, I proceeded to cutting up boxes and assembling it.  I resized the height of the boxes first and then the width of the box.  To keep the integrity of the corners, I measured from the corners and cut out a flap in the center.  To reinforce the cut area, the flap was taped back on on the inside.  I decided to keep the bottom of the box that was used to make the front of the firetruck so it can be a treat bag/container.  The other flaps from the top of the box were used to stabilize the box so it doesn’t collapse and fold together.  After that it was just painting it.  I spent all my time on this that I had no time for a custom costume for the 2nd kid.  So next year, I should start early, like in August.

Here he is trying on the costume the day before.


And here they are, my precious babies.


A Firetruck? Why not a firefighter?!!


Seriously, why can’t he just be a firefighter?!!  “But mommy! I want to be a firetruck!”  How can I say no?  OK, challenge accepted.  Hopefully the hubby will help out, he’s not keen on it.  “Just buy him a firefighter outfit, I don’t want to make anything.”  Good thing for the boy, I love a challenge, plus I like to upcycle when I can.  Thanks to Amazon, I’ve hoarded a closet full of cardboard.

Like the engineer that I was before I became a stay at home mom, I built a scaled down prototype.  The prototype looks like a firetruck right?  Imagine that it’s red!  Well, hopefully the finished product will resemble a firetruck more.  l need 1 cardboard box and some extra cardboard to make the front of the truck.    I’ll need some red paint, some construction paper to make the panels and ladder, a swim noodle for the hose, Styrofoam box filler for bumpers, some sort of straps, and lots of packaging tape.  Think I can pull it off?  We’ll see, I’ve got about 2 weeks time…. better get started!

What about the baby?  What should the baby be?  eh…good thing she has no opinions on that right now..most likely whatever hand me downs costume I have that fits her….  But if i have time to make one or find a used costume, she can be a Dalmatian puppy or ….. a fire hydrant!!

I finished!


It took me 9 months, 9 months! I walked into a specialty yarn store last January looking for the perfect yarn to knit my baby a blanket. I remember that quite a few people took interest in my endeavor. I was about 37 weeks pregnant. I told them, “I’m going to make a baby blanket!” I had 3 more weeks I told them, I can do it. This little old lady said to me, “Oh sweetie, you are not going to finish” and laughed so hard I’m pretty sure she peed her pants! Overly optimistic? Yes! Was I crazy? Yes! Was she right? Yes again… and baby arrived early, I went into labor 4 days later. I told her she may be right but I’m still buying the yarn. Just because I won’t finish before my baby girl was born doesn’t mean I won’t finish before she turns 18, right?!!! Right!!! Yay me! I finished. In fact, I finished before she turned 1 and just before the weather gets cold. Double win! Now if only I can bump into her again…..she looked like a regular there… you know…knitting in the sofa provided for the regular…but I’m pretty sure she’s forgotten about the whole incident.

Why I love cardboards!

Cardboards are free! It’s a perk of having Amazon Prime. I cancelled prime for a little bit and couldn’t handle it and resubscribed. Now we have cardboards again! We’ve had so much fun with cardboard boxes. With some tapes, other toys, and scraps from here and there, the sky is the limit! Here we have golf course #1 (left) and golf course #2 (right). Hours of fun. A whole afternoon with something to do for the almost 4 yr old. Yay me!