I Survived Halloween!


Whoa, the last time I posted was over 4 months ago.  I must have been busy!  2 DIY Halloween costumes!  I survived it.  Last year, I said I would start early, like in August…, it didn’t happen.  I started it at the end of September, which was better than last year, but it wasn’t August.  Here’s last year’s post for your reference (https://audmommy.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/till-next-year-halloween/).

October has got to be the most stressful month for me for no other reason than my silly tendency to over do it, to overcompensate for what I didn’t have.  I never had a costume!  So now I make magic for my kids.  OK, no more of this sad Halloween business from the past and on to Halloween of 2015!

The TKer (Transitional Kindergartener) wanted to be Lightning McQueen!  Oh but not just any Lightning McQueen, but the Monster Truck Edition. That kid’s got a big imagination!  I based it off a tutorial on how to make a monster truck costume that i found on Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/22025485654870515/) and improvised.  Basically, I cut up a box, paint it and puff, just like that, done!  Ok, no magic, it was hard work, the hubby did the spray painting and I did the detailing.  Thank goodness my husband was on board with my craziness!  I made him do it before he left for China on the business trip.  When he came back he laughed at me and then helped me drill some holes and put in the wheels.

1U2A3170 1U2A3172

The toddler is ….. Boo!  I purposely picked something nonprincessy.  I took advantage of the fact that she had no say on what she wanted to be (still clueless).  In a few years, I have a feeling that she is gonna want to be a princess (Noooooo)!  I also based this Boo costume off of a tutorial i found on Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/22025485655053045/).   I love Pinterest, my go to for all things DIY.  The hardest part of the costume was figuring out a way to get those eyeballs to stay up.  I almost cried when I finally figured out a way.  I should have followed the instructions and got smaller Styrofoam balls!

Here’s a close up of the costume.


My only regret is that the TKer wasn’t a Sully or a Mike Wazowski monster truck (I tried convincing him but he wouldn’t have it) or that the toddler wasn’t Mater.  I started working on the Boo costume before I realized that I should have made her a Cars character costume.  And my Mike Wazowski pumpkin was a disaster…(should have used a stencil).

1U2A3263It was stressful but I had fun.  This is a lot coming from a person who never liked Halloween much.  Until next year Halloween!  So long! Farewell! goodbye!


Busy Toddler Purse


This here is a “Busy Toddler Purse”.  What’s a busy toddler purse?  It’s a spin off of the Quiet Book.  I thought of it one day when my toddler was playing with the buckles on her high chair.  She just wouldn’t stop asking me to unbuckle it so that she can buckle it over and over again.  So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there is a toy where there is a bunch of buckles?  Of course I turned to Pinterest and of course there are!  But a buckle purse for toddler?  Nope, none, they don’t exist!  You heard it first here!  Oh wait, Amazon has a Buckle Toy “Buddy” Backpack.  Oh darn, and I thought I invented something!  Well, at least I didn’t have to spend $27.99.  I only had to buy the buckles and straps since I have tons of scraps of fabric.

So this purse here has 2 handles, 4 buckles, 2 Velcro fake pockets, 2 snap buttons, and a functional zipper!  She can wear it like a purse or hold it like a tote bag. This thing kept my daughter busy for an hour.  One hour of free time!  Imagine that!


On the other side is 2 pockets for a fake ID and a fake credit card.  I am thinking i can laminate 2 cards, punch a hole in each card and tie it to the red ribbon so they don’t get lost.


And, I made 2!


One ways, Turnabouts, & Roundabouts

Turnabouts, roundabouts and one ways… Using painter’s tape, I’ve turned my house into speed zone for preschoolers and toddlers.  Okay,  just one preschooler and a toddler.  I thought this will stop the 4 yr old from running over the 1 yr old…hahaha!  1 yr olds will go whichever way she wants.  But for some reason this makes it more fun for me to watch!

Zipping through…

“I am fast, faster than fast!”

Causing traffic, taking her sweet time.

Out of gas!

Cake Smash (Cake Touch)!


Here’s my baby, already 1!  Growing way too fast!

I didn’t know what a cake smash was when my son turned 1 but I do now.  It’s my last baby and I wanted to do a cake smash!  CAKE SMASH! CAKE SMASH!  I was quite determined.  (Good thing I am a somewhat enthusiast or perhaps a semi-pro photographer and have all the camera equipment for this, otherwise I would have hire a photographer, which would drive up the cost and the hubby would put a stop to this madness.)  Anyways, I  started pinning for ideas and tips on how to do a cake smash a couple weeks before she turned 1.  On my check lists were:  Tutorial on baking the cake, buying the ingredients, getting the happy birthday banner, etc. etc.  Then 3 days before the shoot, I suddenly realized that I had not planned for her outfit!  What was thinking?!  What was wrong with me?! Was she gonna be naked with just her cloth diaper on?  I needed a tutu and a birthday hat!!!  Too late to order anything from Esty!  I was mad, like angry mad!  Lucky for me, I was able to find a mom to sell me her daughter’s tutu and good thing I am somewhat crafty, found a tutorial on Pinterest and spent Sunday night working on her birthday crown.

So here it is, little Miss Leah’s cake smash session!  I had it in my head how it was going to go down, how she would go to town with it, plunging face first into the cake.  After all, she loves to eat.  But nope, she wouldn’t have it.  She touched it with 1 finger and wanted nothing to do it.  She was more interested in walking!  She had to discover, just right before the cake smash session, that she could take 2 to 3 steps on her own.


The cake was mostly untouched…this is what the cake looked like after the cake smash session.  GRRRRR! YOUUUUU LITTLEE!!


Big brother in the mean time was salivating.  Poor kid.  But He had fun too.

1U2A9756 1U2A9147

Of course he got a crown too.

Why I love cardboards!

Cardboards are free! It’s a perk of having Amazon Prime. I cancelled prime for a little bit and couldn’t handle it and resubscribed. Now we have cardboards again! We’ve had so much fun with cardboard boxes. With some tapes, other toys, and scraps from here and there, the sky is the limit! Here we have golf course #1 (left) and golf course #2 (right). Hours of fun. A whole afternoon with something to do for the almost 4 yr old. Yay me!


Food for sale!

“Food for sale! $30 for a slice of pizza!”

What? That is not a sale, that is a rip off! “I only have $3 (cut up construction scraps)”, I said and made a sad face. My 3 yr old accepted my $3 and gave me a slice of pizza, which I pretended to eat. If only I am really that savvy with bargaining in real life!

Pretend play is fun, there is no denying it. Even I enjoy it. He is the store owner and his sister and I are the customers. I guess I am pretty good at finding ways to keep my 3 year old busy!

This only took 15 min. Here is what you’ll need to make this stand:
– a medium to large box
– 2 gift wrap paper rolls
– cardboard scraps
– packaging tape
– crayons & construction paper for decorating
– other miscellaneous stuff for decoration.

Some tips:
Turn the box on its side such that one of the sides is at the top and the bottom of the box is front facing. Cut 2 slits on each side of top to stick the rolls in. You’ll have to squeeze the rolls flat at the ends to get it in. Then tape the rolls on the inside to get it to stand up straighter. Tape a long piece of cardboard around the rolls to hold them together at the top, this is also the banner. The annoying flaps of the opening of the box can be cut off or taped. Have fun!

Project Green House


Growing a garden teaches kids many things, but mainly we do it because it’s fun. What is more fun than to watch a little something emerge from a seed? I also hope this will encourage my 3 yr old to try more vegetables.

When I think of starting from seeds, I think of the all fancy stuff needed to house the seedlings. Not anymore! You just need a few essential items, seeds, growing medium (we bought Jiffy pellets), and water. Definitely cheaper than buying a baby plant! There is no need to buy the fancy startup kits that come with a tray. You can use items in your kitchen, stuff like egg cartons and yogurt containers (be sure to make holes on the bottom to allow for draining). If using pellets like us, hydrate the pellets in a baking tray or cut up milk cartons and then transfer them to containers of choice before adding seeds. Place them by a window or use artificial light. Fluorescent tubes are cheap and so are the housing for the tubes. Use different size boxes to prop up the light to create the 4 to 6 inches clearance needed.

Everyday my 3 year old checks to see if his hard work pays off. What hard work? Turning on the light and misting the soil if it is dry. Keep it moist I tell him. Soon we can transfer them to the vegetable garden outside!




Let’s Pretend!


I saw a pair of these at a friend’s. She and her daughter made them at a mommy and me class. It’s very easy, just need 2 finished rolls of toilet paper or 1 finished roll of paper towel cut in half, construction paper or scrapbooking paper, a piece of yarn, and some tape. Hours of fun playing pretend. Keeping the 3 yr old occupied is my everyday goal!

A Surprise?!


My ability to concentrate dips whenever my 3 yr old boy is in close proximity. Even when I give him his own project to work on, he is still distracted by what I am doing. “What are you making mommy?” “What’s an origami?” “Why mommy?” The only thing that would work is screen time but that is my last resort, reserved for when I really need it, like nursing the baby or making dinner. He is one curious boy.

What is this post about? Oh! It’s about my current project that I am very excited about. What is it? I’ll tell you what I told the boy, it’s a … SURPRISE! Something to do with elephant origamis.

Of course he takes my elephants for his project!


This here is the instruction video I used, Elephant Origami by Fumiaki Kawahata and demonstrated by Leyla Torres (I had to document the steps because my memory is bad!)