More bibs

  Because you can’t have too many bibs and because I am crazy.  

I realized there is no point in getting cute tops for my daughter because they would just be covered by bibs.  Since this discovery, I changed my focus on cute and adorable bibs.   

This here is my favorite bib!  Looks great over a t-shirt and jeans.  The design was inspired by Nana Company.

Upcycled bibs, bibs with pathwork, bibs with ruffles,  bibs with applique, bibs with embroidery, you name it, I probably made one.  What am I gonna do when my daughter finally outgrows drooling?!!


Upcycled Bibs

Got a teething toddler that goes through 8+ bibs a day?  Got lots of swaddling blankets lying around?  I got an idea!  Make them into bibs!  Bibs are my favorite things to make because it’s easy and is relatively fast to make.   


Here she is, wearing them.  I love it! 

Cats! Cats! Cats! And… Bibs! Bibs!

There are cats and there are bibs, and ….. bibs with cats!  I have been obsessed with cats mainly because I *think* that Leah looks like a little cat.  I could be biased.  I even *think* that she acts like one; doing her own thing, minding her own business and every now and then sneaking up on us and demanding back rubs, hugs and kisses.  This is a lot of cat love from a bird lover.  

These cats are inspired by my little Leah.   The bibs below, I got the pattern from Nana Company.  Of all the bib patterns that I’ve downloaded, this is my favorite pattern, it’s got a nice shape and it’s huge.



The ruffled bib here is an upcycled project.  It was a hand me down dress with a couple of stains on it.   

Such a beautiful dress isn’t it?  Too bad there were stains and I can’t stand stains.  Now it can live on as a bib.

What do you think of the cat on the patch?  Here’s a close up of the cat.


Looks just like my daughter doesn’t it?  


Now if only I can get her to stay still so I can take a picture of her in it.  Ya right, crazy toddler!


Till Next Year Halloween!


This is the 2nd year that I made a Halloween costume for my son instead of buying it.  Plus it was hard to find a fire truck costume.  Although toward the last weekend before Halloween, I started to doubt if i could finish and was looking for a back up costume.  Thank goodness the hubby was on board about it and agreed to watch the kids so I could work on it.  OK to be fair, he did contribute, he painted the tires black and tied the front of the truck to the back of the truck.  This was totally stressful but I also felt a ton of satisfaction when I saw my boy wearing it to trick to treat.


After building the prototype, I proceeded to cutting up boxes and assembling it.  I resized the height of the boxes first and then the width of the box.  To keep the integrity of the corners, I measured from the corners and cut out a flap in the center.  To reinforce the cut area, the flap was taped back on on the inside.  I decided to keep the bottom of the box that was used to make the front of the firetruck so it can be a treat bag/container.  The other flaps from the top of the box were used to stabilize the box so it doesn’t collapse and fold together.  After that it was just painting it.  I spent all my time on this that I had no time for a custom costume for the 2nd kid.  So next year, I should start early, like in August.

Here he is trying on the costume the day before.


And here they are, my precious babies.


A Firetruck? Why not a firefighter?!!


Seriously, why can’t he just be a firefighter?!!  “But mommy! I want to be a firetruck!”  How can I say no?  OK, challenge accepted.  Hopefully the hubby will help out, he’s not keen on it.  “Just buy him a firefighter outfit, I don’t want to make anything.”  Good thing for the boy, I love a challenge, plus I like to upcycle when I can.  Thanks to Amazon, I’ve hoarded a closet full of cardboard.

Like the engineer that I was before I became a stay at home mom, I built a scaled down prototype.  The prototype looks like a firetruck right?  Imagine that it’s red!  Well, hopefully the finished product will resemble a firetruck more.  l need 1 cardboard box and some extra cardboard to make the front of the truck.    I’ll need some red paint, some construction paper to make the panels and ladder, a swim noodle for the hose, Styrofoam box filler for bumpers, some sort of straps, and lots of packaging tape.  Think I can pull it off?  We’ll see, I’ve got about 2 weeks time…. better get started!

What about the baby?  What should the baby be?  eh…good thing she has no opinions on that right now..most likely whatever hand me downs costume I have that fits her….  But if i have time to make one or find a used costume, she can be a Dalmatian puppy or ….. a fire hydrant!!

Why I love cardboards!

Cardboards are free! It’s a perk of having Amazon Prime. I cancelled prime for a little bit and couldn’t handle it and resubscribed. Now we have cardboards again! We’ve had so much fun with cardboard boxes. With some tapes, other toys, and scraps from here and there, the sky is the limit! Here we have golf course #1 (left) and golf course #2 (right). Hours of fun. A whole afternoon with something to do for the almost 4 yr old. Yay me!


Something for the boy!

All these sewing projects for the baby, bibs, diaper inserts and the like, the boy is feeling a teeny tiny bit left out. Bad mommy! So last weekend, I got my acts together and made him a reversible apron, one side from a table cloth (yay for upcycling!) and one side I bought from Joann’s since he wanted something with cars and airplanes. And the pattern and tutorial? I got from here. Here’s my boy wearing it, he looks so happy.



Food for sale!

“Food for sale! $30 for a slice of pizza!”

What? That is not a sale, that is a rip off! “I only have $3 (cut up construction scraps)”, I said and made a sad face. My 3 yr old accepted my $3 and gave me a slice of pizza, which I pretended to eat. If only I am really that savvy with bargaining in real life!

Pretend play is fun, there is no denying it. Even I enjoy it. He is the store owner and his sister and I are the customers. I guess I am pretty good at finding ways to keep my 3 year old busy!

This only took 15 min. Here is what you’ll need to make this stand:
– a medium to large box
– 2 gift wrap paper rolls
– cardboard scraps
– packaging tape
– crayons & construction paper for decorating
– other miscellaneous stuff for decoration.

Some tips:
Turn the box on its side such that one of the sides is at the top and the bottom of the box is front facing. Cut 2 slits on each side of top to stick the rolls in. You’ll have to squeeze the rolls flat at the ends to get it in. Then tape the rolls on the inside to get it to stand up straighter. Tape a long piece of cardboard around the rolls to hold them together at the top, this is also the banner. The annoying flaps of the opening of the box can be cut off or taped. Have fun!

Greenhouse Crate

A box works but the problem with a box is that when the seedlings grow, you need to adjust the height of the fluorescent light to provide the 4 to 6 in clearance. You can switch to a taller box but a crate is a better alternative. In a real green house, the fluorescent lights are hung using adjustable chains from the ceiling. A crate has slats that can be used to hold cardboards to create different heights. As the plant grows, the cardboards can be moved to a lower level.