A girl needs a bib…


(Yes yes, I’m a BIG “Game of Thrones” fan.)

A girl needs a bib. Or a boy.  Or, anyone who drools on a regular basis.  I imagine, this is what Lady Catelyn Stark did in her spare time in Lord Eddard Stark’s solar when her kids were babies/toddlers… I guess she could have still been making them for Rickon had she not gone to investigate.  (No spoilers here, don’t worry, just in case I have a reader who hasn’t seen it and wants to see it.)

I like this bib.  I like this bib so much, I kinda want to wear it.  No, I don’t.  I was just kidding about wearing it.  I should make an apron with a direwolf, definitely more fitting for a crazy fan who is also a housewife.


Busy Toddler Purse


This here is a “Busy Toddler Purse”.  What’s a busy toddler purse?  It’s a spin off of the Quiet Book.  I thought of it one day when my toddler was playing with the buckles on her high chair.  She just wouldn’t stop asking me to unbuckle it so that she can buckle it over and over again.  So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there is a toy where there is a bunch of buckles?  Of course I turned to Pinterest and of course there are!  But a buckle purse for toddler?  Nope, none, they don’t exist!  You heard it first here!  Oh wait, Amazon has a Buckle Toy “Buddy” Backpack.  Oh darn, and I thought I invented something!  Well, at least I didn’t have to spend $27.99.  I only had to buy the buckles and straps since I have tons of scraps of fabric.

So this purse here has 2 handles, 4 buckles, 2 Velcro fake pockets, 2 snap buttons, and a functional zipper!  She can wear it like a purse or hold it like a tote bag. This thing kept my daughter busy for an hour.  One hour of free time!  Imagine that!


On the other side is 2 pockets for a fake ID and a fake credit card.  I am thinking i can laminate 2 cards, punch a hole in each card and tie it to the red ribbon so they don’t get lost.


And, I made 2!


Another bib!


Haha, yes!  I made another bib.  Another week another bib, too addicting.  It’s as if I am on a race to make as many bibs as I can before my toddler outgrows the drooling/teething phase.    This is personalized and has a little cat, hand embroidered and so oh sweet if I say so myself!  And I think she likes it too!   

More bibs

  Because you can’t have too many bibs and because I am crazy.  

I realized there is no point in getting cute tops for my daughter because they would just be covered by bibs.  Since this discovery, I changed my focus on cute and adorable bibs.   

This here is my favorite bib!  Looks great over a t-shirt and jeans.  The design was inspired by Nana Company.

Upcycled bibs, bibs with pathwork, bibs with ruffles,  bibs with applique, bibs with embroidery, you name it, I probably made one.  What am I gonna do when my daughter finally outgrows drooling?!!

Upcycled Bibs

Got a teething toddler that goes through 8+ bibs a day?  Got lots of swaddling blankets lying around?  I got an idea!  Make them into bibs!  Bibs are my favorite things to make because it’s easy and is relatively fast to make.   


Here she is, wearing them.  I love it! 

Cats! Cats! Cats! And… Bibs! Bibs!

There are cats and there are bibs, and ….. bibs with cats!  I have been obsessed with cats mainly because I *think* that Leah looks like a little cat.  I could be biased.  I even *think* that she acts like one; doing her own thing, minding her own business and every now and then sneaking up on us and demanding back rubs, hugs and kisses.  This is a lot of cat love from a bird lover.  

These cats are inspired by my little Leah.   The bibs below, I got the pattern from Nana Company.  Of all the bib patterns that I’ve downloaded, this is my favorite pattern, it’s got a nice shape and it’s huge.



The ruffled bib here is an upcycled project.  It was a hand me down dress with a couple of stains on it.   

Such a beautiful dress isn’t it?  Too bad there were stains and I can’t stand stains.  Now it can live on as a bib.

What do you think of the cat on the patch?  Here’s a close up of the cat.


Looks just like my daughter doesn’t it?  


Now if only I can get her to stay still so I can take a picture of her in it.  Ya right, crazy toddler!


It’s Chinese New Year!

It’s Lunar New Year and traditional Chinese outfits for the little ones are a must because they just look so adorable! Unfortunately, the one for L2 the hubby brought back from his business trip to Taiwan was too big! So I had to get my acts together and hack it.


It’s more like a baby doll dress with Chinese influence. Even though the workmanship can be improved some, I am proud of myself haha!

Here she is wearing it. It fits! Yay me! I love seeing her wear something I made!



Here they are, both in their Chinese New Year outfits. Being silly as usual.



新年快樂! 恭喜發財!(Happy new year! May it be prosperous!)

Something for myself!


My husband got me an iPhone 6 and made me keep the plastic on while the new case gets shipped. Scratches are a no no because it reduces the resale value when I sell it my husband said. So while waiting for my case to arrive, I thought, hey I can make something temporary. I got lots of felts and fabric scraps. It’s much better than bringing the phone around in its plastic protector. Plus, when was the last time I made something for myself? I put my Pinterest hat on and ta-da! Quick & easy too.