Busy Toddler Purse


This here is a “Busy Toddler Purse”.  What’s a busy toddler purse?  It’s a spin off of the Quiet Book.  I thought of it one day when my toddler was playing with the buckles on her high chair.  She just wouldn’t stop asking me to unbuckle it so that she can buckle it over and over again.  So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there is a toy where there is a bunch of buckles?  Of course I turned to Pinterest and of course there are!  But a buckle purse for toddler?  Nope, none, they don’t exist!  You heard it first here!  Oh wait, Amazon has a Buckle Toy “Buddy” Backpack.  Oh darn, and I thought I invented something!  Well, at least I didn’t have to spend $27.99.  I only had to buy the buckles and straps since I have tons of scraps of fabric.

So this purse here has 2 handles, 4 buckles, 2 Velcro fake pockets, 2 snap buttons, and a functional zipper!  She can wear it like a purse or hold it like a tote bag. This thing kept my daughter busy for an hour.  One hour of free time!  Imagine that!


On the other side is 2 pockets for a fake ID and a fake credit card.  I am thinking i can laminate 2 cards, punch a hole in each card and tie it to the red ribbon so they don’t get lost.


And, I made 2!



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