Another bib!


Haha, yes!  I made another bib.  Another week another bib, too addicting.  It’s as if I am on a race to make as many bibs as I can before my toddler outgrows the drooling/teething phase.    This is personalized and has a little cat, hand embroidered and so oh sweet if I say so myself!  And I think she likes it too!   


More bibs

  Because you can’t have too many bibs and because I am crazy.  

I realized there is no point in getting cute tops for my daughter because they would just be covered by bibs.  Since this discovery, I changed my focus on cute and adorable bibs.   

This here is my favorite bib!  Looks great over a t-shirt and jeans.  The design was inspired by Nana Company.

Upcycled bibs, bibs with pathwork, bibs with ruffles,  bibs with applique, bibs with embroidery, you name it, I probably made one.  What am I gonna do when my daughter finally outgrows drooling?!!

Upcycled Bibs

Got a teething toddler that goes through 8+ bibs a day?  Got lots of swaddling blankets lying around?  I got an idea!  Make them into bibs!  Bibs are my favorite things to make because it’s easy and is relatively fast to make.   


Here she is, wearing them.  I love it! 

I’d love some Felt Sandwiches Please!

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with….felt food and it’s addicting. One day, I saw my toddler eating a plastic sandwich. Ew! That is super gross! Afterwards, I thought, I bet felt won’t be as gross. Hmm..on second thought, it is probably just as gross but it seems that felt is kinda wooly and she didn’t like wool I n her mouth. She did try, but only once and then after that she just pretends to eat. Yay! So it works and it looks pretty real!  At first I was going to purchase a set of patterns and then decided I could use that money for material instead and eyeballed everything.  It did take me forever, I have to make 2 of everything, one for the toddler and one for the 4 year old because ….  I am fair like that. Then I thought, I might as well make it for my friend’s kids while I’m at it and since I couldn’t do math and got 2x the materials needed. I worked on it every chance I get, during car rides and while watching TV.  Initially I was going to make just a cheese sandwich, then I got ambitious. I hereby present to you, my everything deli sandwiches!  There are ham, cheese, swiss cheese (yes I am color blind…i know it’s suppose to be close to white but for some reason that looked beige to me), 2 pieces of lettuces, onions, and tomatoes (with seeds and all).  I am super proud of myself haha!  (Man, the things I do for my kids!!!)