Cats! Cats! Cats! And… Bibs! Bibs!

There are cats and there are bibs, and ….. bibs with cats!  I have been obsessed with cats mainly because I *think* that Leah looks like a little cat.  I could be biased.  I even *think* that she acts like one; doing her own thing, minding her own business and every now and then sneaking up on us and demanding back rubs, hugs and kisses.  This is a lot of cat love from a bird lover.  

These cats are inspired by my little Leah.   The bibs below, I got the pattern from Nana Company.  Of all the bib patterns that I’ve downloaded, this is my favorite pattern, it’s got a nice shape and it’s huge.



The ruffled bib here is an upcycled project.  It was a hand me down dress with a couple of stains on it.   

Such a beautiful dress isn’t it?  Too bad there were stains and I can’t stand stains.  Now it can live on as a bib.

What do you think of the cat on the patch?  Here’s a close up of the cat.


Looks just like my daughter doesn’t it?  


Now if only I can get her to stay still so I can take a picture of her in it.  Ya right, crazy toddler!



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