Cake Smash (Cake Touch)!


Here’s my baby, already 1!  Growing way too fast!

I didn’t know what a cake smash was when my son turned 1 but I do now.  It’s my last baby and I wanted to do a cake smash!  CAKE SMASH! CAKE SMASH!  I was quite determined.  (Good thing I am a somewhat enthusiast or perhaps a semi-pro photographer and have all the camera equipment for this, otherwise I would have hire a photographer, which would drive up the cost and the hubby would put a stop to this madness.)  Anyways, I  started pinning for ideas and tips on how to do a cake smash a couple weeks before she turned 1.  On my check lists were:  Tutorial on baking the cake, buying the ingredients, getting the happy birthday banner, etc. etc.  Then 3 days before the shoot, I suddenly realized that I had not planned for her outfit!  What was thinking?!  What was wrong with me?! Was she gonna be naked with just her cloth diaper on?  I needed a tutu and a birthday hat!!!  Too late to order anything from Esty!  I was mad, like angry mad!  Lucky for me, I was able to find a mom to sell me her daughter’s tutu and good thing I am somewhat crafty, found a tutorial on Pinterest and spent Sunday night working on her birthday crown.

So here it is, little Miss Leah’s cake smash session!  I had it in my head how it was going to go down, how she would go to town with it, plunging face first into the cake.  After all, she loves to eat.  But nope, she wouldn’t have it.  She touched it with 1 finger and wanted nothing to do it.  She was more interested in walking!  She had to discover, just right before the cake smash session, that she could take 2 to 3 steps on her own.


The cake was mostly untouched…this is what the cake looked like after the cake smash session.  GRRRRR! YOUUUUU LITTLEE!!


Big brother in the mean time was salivating.  Poor kid.  But He had fun too.

1U2A9756 1U2A9147

Of course he got a crown too.


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