A Firetruck? Why not a firefighter?!!


Seriously, why can’t he just be a firefighter?!!  “But mommy! I want to be a firetruck!”  How can I say no?  OK, challenge accepted.  Hopefully the hubby will help out, he’s not keen on it.  “Just buy him a firefighter outfit, I don’t want to make anything.”  Good thing for the boy, I love a challenge, plus I like to upcycle when I can.  Thanks to Amazon, I’ve hoarded a closet full of cardboard.

Like the engineer that I was before I became a stay at home mom, I built a scaled down prototype.  The prototype looks like a firetruck right?  Imagine that it’s red!  Well, hopefully the finished product will resemble a firetruck more.  l need 1 cardboard box and some extra cardboard to make the front of the truck.    I’ll need some red paint, some construction paper to make the panels and ladder, a swim noodle for the hose, Styrofoam box filler for bumpers, some sort of straps, and lots of packaging tape.  Think I can pull it off?  We’ll see, I’ve got about 2 weeks time…. better get started!

What about the baby?  What should the baby be?  eh…good thing she has no opinions on that right now..most likely whatever hand me downs costume I have that fits her….  But if i have time to make one or find a used costume, she can be a Dalmatian puppy or ….. a fire hydrant!!


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