I finished!


It took me 9 months, 9 months! I walked into a specialty yarn store last January looking for the perfect yarn to knit my baby a blanket. I remember that quite a few people took interest in my endeavor. I was about 37 weeks pregnant. I told them, “I’m going to make a baby blanket!” I had 3 more weeks I told them, I can do it. This little old lady said to me, “Oh sweetie, you are not going to finish” and laughed so hard I’m pretty sure she peed her pants! Overly optimistic? Yes! Was I crazy? Yes! Was she right? Yes again… and baby arrived early, I went into labor 4 days later. I told her she may be right but I’m still buying the yarn. Just because I won’t finish before my baby girl was born doesn’t mean I won’t finish before she turns 18, right?!!! Right!!! Yay me! I finished. In fact, I finished before she turned 1 and just before the weather gets cold. Double win! Now if only I can bump into her again…..she looked like a regular there… you know…knitting in the sofa provided for the regular…but I’m pretty sure she’s forgotten about the whole incident.


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