Lots to Learn

So I am relatively new to this job of mine, been at it for 2 1/2 yrs now. Toughest job I’ve ever held. Being a stay at home mom is no joke and I am under qualified when it comes to everything, from taking care of kids to doing housework/cooking. Thank goodness doing research is literally a click away.

Up until last week, I had no idea what these curly attachments that came with the mixer were for and I’ve had my mixer for 10+ yrs! At one point I even considered tossing them out. 20140730-211636-76596433.jpg Good thing I didn’t. It turns out, it’s for making dough! I only found out because I thought I’ll try making my own pizza dough. Thank you Internet! Found my recipe and viola, a pizza! Too bad I forgot to take some pictures. I did however remember to take some today.

20140730-211931-76771865.jpg. Cool right? I made some garlic bread sticks. The boy loved it! I’m his hero now! Yay me!

20140730-212026-76826247.jpg. And here it is, straight from the oven.



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