A sewing machine and a new Bapron!


A little back story.  I inherited a sewing machine! I vaguely remember taking a sewing class 24 years ago, where I made an apron and a pot holder. Maybe being a daughter of a seamstress helps because for some reason, I can sew! Who knew?!

I decided that my first project would be a bib!  No, not a bib, a Bapron by http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/.  I’d love to take credit for the designing this awesome bib but I’m not that creative.  I did a Pinterest search and got my inspiration.  You can buy the pattern and tutorial for $6 but I am much too cheap to buy so I traced a onesie and eyeballed it.  Let me tell you, it is worth the $6 because after the time spent on drawing the pattern and doing a mock piece, I totally wished that I had just bought the tutorial/pattern.  After all, the extra time spent could be used for sleeping!  So if you are interested in making this, here’s the link to the Bapron tutorial.

I made it reversible.  The Chevron side is with PUL fabric for eating and the flower side is cotton for collecting drool.  Here’s the other side.


And here’s my little model!


I love it!  And, I think she loves it too!


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