Cardboard City

1U2A4971This here is a cardboard city.  My 3 yr old boy loves cars, trains, and boats.  What is more fun than a city that he can help design and decorate?  Nothing!  He directed me on where to draw the road, the park and the ocean and he and I colored it together.   He’s been playing with this since we made it about a week ago.  It’s so versatile!   Using Duplo and items from other toys  (Imaginarium train, hotwheels, and Disneys Cars stuff), the cardboard city can be a residential street one day and a shipping port the next day.   As you gather more boxes, you can add to the city.  Easy to store and easy to replace.

You’ll need a ruler, crayon, a box cutter, a piece of wide cardboard (this here is 36 in X 24 in) or a few pieces of cardboard taped together to make it big enough, and a big imagination.   If you are taping them together, remember to put tape on one side only (on the bottom that is), that way coloring with crayon won’t be a problem and it’s prettier too.



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