A Surprise?!


My ability to concentrate dips whenever my 3 yr old boy is in close proximity. Even when I give him his own project to work on, he is still distracted by what I am doing. “What are you making mommy?” “What’s an origami?” “Why mommy?” The only thing that would work is screen time but that is my last resort, reserved for when I really need it, like nursing the baby or making dinner. He is one curious boy.

What is this post about? Oh! It’s about my current project that I am very excited about. What is it? I’ll tell you what I told the boy, it’s a … SURPRISE! Something to do with elephant origamis.

Of course he takes my elephants for his project!


This here is the instruction video I used, Elephant Origami by Fumiaki Kawahata and demonstrated by Leyla Torres (I had to document the steps because my memory is bad!)


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