Let’s Pretend!


I saw a pair of these at a friend’s. She and her daughter made them at a mommy and me class. It’s very easy, just need 2 finished rolls of toilet paper or 1 finished roll of paper towel cut in half, construction paper or scrapbooking paper, a piece of yarn, and some tape. Hours of fun playing pretend. Keeping the 3 yr old occupied is my everyday goal!


Cardboard City

1U2A4971This here is a cardboard city.  My 3 yr old boy loves cars, trains, and boats.  What is more fun than a city that he can help design and decorate?  Nothing!  He directed me on where to draw the road, the park and the ocean and he and I colored it together.   He’s been playing with this since we made it about a week ago.  It’s so versatile!   Using Duplo and items from other toys  (Imaginarium train, hotwheels, and Disneys Cars stuff), the cardboard city can be a residential street one day and a shipping port the next day.   As you gather more boxes, you can add to the city.  Easy to store and easy to replace.

You’ll need a ruler, crayon, a box cutter, a piece of wide cardboard (this here is 36 in X 24 in) or a few pieces of cardboard taped together to make it big enough, and a big imagination.   If you are taping them together, remember to put tape on one side only (on the bottom that is), that way coloring with crayon won’t be a problem and it’s prettier too.


Ya what? Yakult!

I am a boba milk tea junkie. It’s not so much the boba that I must have, it’s the gulping down of the frothy sweetness that I crave. The boba is a plus. At one point, I was so addicted that hours before going into labor, I waddled my way to my favorite tea place for a nice big icy drink. Most days, i often ask myself if it is worth the trouble and it often is not. Going with 2 kids in tow? I don’t think so.

The last couple of times I was able to get boba milk tea, i paid close attention. I tell you, it’s like some kind of top secret. I saw her pouring from stainless pitchers that were labeled “G” & “S” (probably stands for green tea & syrup) and then I spotted Yakult! They use Yakult! Aha!

Armed with what I saw, I tried making it. Not bad! Not bad at all! I hereby present to you, Yogurt green tea. It’s not Kung Fu tea but close enough!


Yogurt Green Tea
3/4 cup of green tea (I use tea bags)
1 Yakult
1 tablespoon of sugar honey syrup or agave syrup

(For the syrup, I mix equal amount of water, sugar, and honey. Bring the water to a boil, add sugar and honey and stir to dissolve. I make 1 cup of this syrup and store in the fridge for up to a week.)

Put all the ingredients in the shaker with some ice, shake it up. It is that simple.

Now if only I can make my own macarons too….

A Surprise?!


My ability to concentrate dips whenever my 3 yr old boy is in close proximity. Even when I give him his own project to work on, he is still distracted by what I am doing. “What are you making mommy?” “What’s an origami?” “Why mommy?” The only thing that would work is screen time but that is my last resort, reserved for when I really need it, like nursing the baby or making dinner. He is one curious boy.

What is this post about? Oh! It’s about my current project that I am very excited about. What is it? I’ll tell you what I told the boy, it’s a … SURPRISE! Something to do with elephant origamis.

Of course he takes my elephants for his project!


This here is the instruction video I used, Elephant Origami by Fumiaki Kawahata and demonstrated by Leyla Torres (I had to document the steps because my memory is bad!)

What’s for dessert, Mommy?


“What are we having for dessert Mommy?” This question is the first thing my 3 yr old asks me when we set the table for dinner. “It’s a surprise!” I tell him. It is hardly a surprise. I am sure he knows because he sees me making the dessert. Sometimes he is even the assistant chef. And we have the same thing for dessert for a week and when we run out, dessert is just whatever fruit we have in the fridge. But nevertheless, he likes to ask even when he knows. A rhetorical questions!

He began asking after i started rewarding him with desserts for good table manners. What is good table manner? It’s actually pretty simple, sit still in his chair and stay seated for 30 min (unless it’s to go potty), use his utensils, and use napkins not sleeves. Dessert is usually something I bake over the weekend and if we run out, it is a piece of fruit.

I prefer to bake instead of buying because I am a control freak. This way I know what goes in and I can reduce the amount of fat & sugar used. So I’ve been baking once a week, usually on Sat. I am no pastry/dessert chef, in fact I suck at it and can only make 4 things: snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and Rice Krispy Treats. Time to start learning.

So what is for dessert today? Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! Doesn’t look good but they’re yummy!